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Are you willing to do something different for your event? Have YOUR story told in the most unusual way. Have it painted LIVE. Make it YOUR event.... Pixel Painting will tell your story live with paint and brush on a huge canvas. After the presesentation you will share an impressive artwork with your guests, business partners, collegues by giving it away pixel by pixel. Pixel Painting is based on a well-conceived visual design concept. It is intended to create loyalty among internal and external target groups, visualise and anchor corporate values and convey business objectives in a comprehensible and lasting manner.

Pixel Painting transforms core statements into images, project participants into partners!

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For more than 15 years, results of meetings have been visualised with the Pixel Painting method. Its strategy has proven its worth in many places since the first public presentation in the year 2000. Christof Breidenich and his team have already performed on several continents. More than 350 of our clients have already shared their paintings with more than 90,000 people.
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PIXEL PAINTING Contact in Germany:
Renate Gunder
Stadtkyller Str. 13
D-54586  Schüller
Phone:+49 6597 5249

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