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Team | Concept | Idea

Pixel Painting – “your painting to share” is managed by Dr. Christof Breidenich, art performer and design professor at the Cologne campus of the Macromedia Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences) and his co-founder Renate Gunder, marketing expert for Pixel Painting.
More than 350 live painted Pixel Paintings, performed on several continents, have been shared with more than 90,000 people!

Pixel Painting – the live painting performance as well as the creative workshop – is based on a well-conceived visual design concept. It is intended to create loyalty among internal and external target groups, visualise and anchor corporate values and convey business objectives in a comprehensible and lasting manner. Pixel Painting transforms key statements into images, project participants into partners.
This principle has turned Pixel Painting into a success concept and proves to the international corporate world of today that painting has for centuries been a state-of-the-art marketing tool and Pixel Painting as live painting performance is a vital brand communication tool.

– Live-painting
The Pixel Painting performance consists of a large canvas, composed of many small, always equally sized canvasses. The number of guests at an anniversary celebration, product presentation or other major corporate event corresponds to the number of these small canvasses or, in the diction of the artist, “pixel”.
The motif will be agreed completely according to the customer’s wishes, and can be painted in advance or live during the event.

– Workshop
The outlines of the Pixel Painting creative workshop are based upon your entreprenurial targets. During the workshop Christof Breidenich leeds the participants to unexpected solutions to a specific problem of your company.

– Giveaway
According to the motto: your painting to share! the painting is then given away to the guests pixel by pixel.The exceptional advantage is that: The host presents his Pixel Painting and can share and memorise it with others at the same time.
Pixel Painting transforms key statements into images, project participants into partners:


– Design Thinking
The reception of words or pictures leeds to different ways of memory. While pictures can be reminded better than only readed or spoken words, even in the management training creative methodology works with visual concepts. Especially in strategic orientation and planning Design Thinking methodology has become an imperative tool for entreprenurial innovation. There are various methods for teambased working but all are based on the same principles such as:
Let your imagnination run free.
Do not theorise but act!
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!
Expand the ideas of others.
Think visually and human centered.

– Storytelling
Storytelling has become part of business- and management communication, in advertising and education, but also in subcultural trends. The human being thinks in images and memorises events and stories by connecting pictures. The key method of storytelling is to involve the recipient in a narrative. With the help of a timeline, visual anchor points and linguistic metaphores the told story can be reminded easily and helps to create own images and future visions.

Christof Breidenich, Holger Nils Pohl: Creating Innovation – Worte, Bilder, Werkzeuge: Der neue Gestaltungsprozess für Unternehmen, Organisationen und Marken.

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