Live Painting

Live Painting

You are looking for an unusual Wrap-up for your event?

  • Your board would like a focused presentation of future tasks at the next kick-off event. You would like to inform and motivate at the beginning of your project.
  • Your company is in a situation of change. Either on a constant basis due to the massive pressure of competition or currently due to change of ownership for instance. You know the path you wish to pursue as top management and would like to show your objectives quite clearly to the employees.
  • Your company is planning the launch of an innovative product line, a service or a brand. You have really developed something new and now wish to present it in more than only familiar formats. You would like your customers to take with them a memory and a lasting impression.
  • Has your corporate group successfully mastered a change or achieved excellent results? This was only possible thanks to the great commitment of your team and you would like to express your appreciation.

Pixel Painting is a highly effective way of team building, whether within your organization or between your organisation and valued clients. We are convinced that a live painting is a vital brand communication tool. Pixel Painting transforms core statements into images, project participants into partners.
Your success story will be told live with paint and brush during your event. Your guests are invited to see the painting develop and will be at the end happy shareholders of an original art work.

The Pixel Painting performance consists of a large canvas, composed of many small, always equally sized canvasses. The number of guests at an anniversary celebration, product presentation or other major corporate event corresponds to the number of these small canvasses or, in the diction of the artist, “pixel”.

The motif will be agreed completely according to the customer’s wishes, and can be painted in advance or live during the event.
It is then given away to the guests pixel by pixel.The exceptional advantage is that: The host presents his Pixel Painting and can share and memorise it with others at the same time.

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