Value / Feedback

Your company or organisation is planning to celebrate a milestone. You have been active on the market for many years. You would like to celebrate this with your friends, supporters, employees and customers. Share your painting with your guests.

    • promote internal and external communication
    • accompany important change processes
    • visualise management targets professionally
    • underpin commitments
    • express unique appreciation and thanks

Christof Breidenich and his team have been travelling the world with the live event painting performance. They experienced that people, no matter what age group, if men or women, if employees or clients – they all love to see the live painting develop. When they are asked to pick their personal piece – that is a real “wow” factor. Happily all select a personal „pixel“. Over the years the Pixel Painting team received lots of feedback. The result is, that most of the participants remember the live painting very well, a whole motif can be described and the „pixel“ owner can talk about their abstract piece like an art expert. The canvas is the key to memorise a story, a brand or an event.Your core messages are transformed into images, and those taking part in the project are transformed from passive observers to active owners.


„Your lovely murals were such a huge success. The manner in which you distributed the pieces was elegant. Attendees left with small black boxes and smiles in their faces. Allowing each attendee to choose their piece of the grand mural made them feel as though they were truly a part of the event.” Richard Aaron, CMP, CSEP (President, BiZBash)

“It was a pleasure for all participants, and hopefully for you, too, to be part of this professionally organized and smoothly run event and we received a lot of positive feedback. Our employees were really thrilled. Julia Piesker (John Deere)

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